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There are many ways you can contact us for your financial needs:

  1. E-mail: or go to a secure feedback form.
  2. Telephone: call us at (810) 244-2200 or toll free (800) 748-0451.
  3. In person: by visiting one of our branches:
  4. Mail: PO Box 7006, Flint, MI  48507-0006.
  5. Admin Fax Number: (810) 244-2011

How do I change my address and other contact information?

To report a lost/stolen ATM, Debit or credit card, please call (800) 748-0451. To report a lost/stolen card after hours please call (888) 241-2510. For cards lost/stolen outside of the United States, please call (909) 941-1398.

More information: